This Is How Anyone Can Sell Their Advice Online...
This Is How Anyone Can Sell Their Advice Online...
In ANY Niche (such as staying motivated, ending a video game addiction, health & fitness, etc.) & Make Online Sales Every Day... 
(this is how I've been featured in Forbes, get asked to speak on big stages & afford to live in a $13 million dollar mansion in Hollywood) 
Introducing The Premium Branding Transformation
Literally copy everything we give you inside the program, fully understand the marketing & sales, then boom - sell your advice online.
The Premium Branding Transformation
  •  Experience personal transformation
  •  Discover your niche 
  • Identify a need in the marketplace
  •  Create a valuable solution
  •  Market & sell it successfully
  •  Generate a 6 figure+ profit
  •  Implement systems to scale 
One Student Went From Broke & In College To Having An Entire New Career
Shawn Megira went into the program wanting to pursue a career in online marketing with social media. The problem was he was very unsure what to do in order to bring life to everything he wanted to achieve. Within the first week of being in the program he gained full clarity on what his offering was to the world, and within two months he's making a consistent $10K/month.
What is it?

The Premium Branding Transformation is an online program designed to teach you the fundamentals of sales, marketing & systems so that you can successfully sell your advice online to people who need your help. 
Who is it for?

The Premium Branding Transformation is for anyone who wants to start a profitable online business that brings true value to a niche that they are passionate about serving. It is designed for anyone who has yet to hit their first 6 figures (regardless of previous knowledge / experience), as well as experienced entrepreneurs looking to scale to 7 figures.
Where does it happen?

The Premium Branding Transformation is completely online and consists of training videos, resources, and exclusive support from veteran entrepreneurs that you get 24/7 access to from any of your devices. Move at your own pace, during your own desired time.
How exactly does it work?

You watch the training videos, complete the action items, then use the provided tools, resources, and templates. Whenever you have questions, you ask us and we answer. This program is designed for you to be able to easily follow our process step-by-step, and then get phenomenal results.
When does it start?

The Premium Branding Transformation starts the second you enroll. You get the luxury of going through the program whenever you wish, meaning the results you get are in direct proportion to how fast you decide to go through the program and take action. You also get lifetime access.
Why does it exist?

We were disappointed that there weren't any high-quality programs that showed the general public in extreme detail how a complete beginner could start their own business from scratch, and then implement the systems to scale it to whichever level they wished.
It's 2019, let's make this your year of accomplishment
My 2018 consisted of me working with clients in over 20 different industries, moving into a 4 story mansion in Hollywood Hills, seeing my company featured in Forbes & numerous other publications, speaking on numerous stages, and being able to spend a lot of money on dumb stuff. After making this past year about me achieving his own financial goals, I've dedicated 2019 to helping the next generation follow the same path I went.
Learn the strategies that got me internationally recognized 
Last year my company and I worked with clients in over 20 different industries and were featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Future Sharks, the same book as Richard Branson, and dozens of other publications.

I really wanted to feel that I had massive credibility to my name so I made sure I did exactly that. You'll learn everything I know's on how to build your brand online (from scratch) that positions you as a true expert, allowing people to know that you are the go-to person who can help them, and get people to hire you for your advice.
Learn from an online e-learning platform
Watch our training videos in beautiful 1080p HD, download the PDF files, scripts and templates, and implement everything from the palm of your hand (or from a desktop), whenever you want. Having access to the actual online program alone will be the most powerful resource you would ever need. 
Better than attending a live event
Hearing me (or any of your favorite experts for that manner) speak live can be a wonderful experience, however it does have it's cons. When you are learning in a live environment, there is no "rewind" button. You may think of a question and be able to ask it in that exact moment, but what do you do when you have a question that pops into your mind two days later?

Having access to on-demand content allows you to not only feel at ease knowing that you can always go back and re-consume content at any moment, but also allows you to ask any question that pops out of nowhere within a quick send of a message. 
Learn the same info that our clients have to invest a lot in order to learn
You are essentially entering the same room as me when I am consulting 1-on-1 with my clients, only now you can also press rewind and go back to hear things again and again. I wanted the same information to be available to the general public so that they aren't limited to the "basic info" that they keep hearing from others online, so that is exactly what I set out to do. Get ready, for what you are about to learn has not been taught anywhere else.
We've included everything you'd need to create an incredible transformation
We made sure that this program wasn't just some typical "course" that you come across online. We made sure to provide you with the knowledge, tools and resources to truly become successful and create massive transformation in both your life and career.
The Premium Branding Transformation
  •  Experience personal transformation
  •  Discover your niche 
  • Identify a need in the marketplace
  •  Create a valuable solution
  •  Successfully market & sell it
  •  Generate a 6 figure+ profit
  •  Implement systems to scale 
The proof is in the numbers 
Does The Premium Branding Transformation actually work? The only way to answer this is by measuring the success of our students & clients in the real world.  Here are the numbers to date (we're just getting started).
Clients / Students
$41m Total Generated Revenue
132 Clients / Students Hitting 6+ Figures
4.8 Stars from 1,139 student reviews, with 17% of reviews including the word "love"
This is how it works
Successfully selling your advice online requires a concrete foundation, the proper systems and core processes, and a true leader to be in control of everything. The Premium Branding Transformation provides a proven plug and play blueprint, personal transformation, and expert mentorship. 
Proven Methodology

We took the guesswork out of building an online business so that our students could easily follow a process that's been proven over and over again. Track your progress using reliable metrics and implement the systems that allow you to enjoy the growth that you experience.
Personal Transformation

We invented a special process that transforms both how you see yourself as well as how your mind operates. You'll create a crystal clear vision of who you want to become, then take you through the process to become that person in record time. Reprogram your habits  behavior patterns to achieve peak performance.
Unique Curriculum 

Instead of following the traditional system of teaching, we took a non-linear approach to our education process that is much similar to the symbiotic process of actual nature. We created an environment that naturally sets you up for success and reprograms your mind to lay foundational building blocks for real world application.
Expert Mentorship

Even though you'll have access to the necessary knowledge and resources to crush it in business, there's nothing like having a helping hand. We give you 24/7 access to people who are currently in the trenches, doing exactly what you are looking to do. 
Our students & clients have experienced incredible transformations from when they first enrolled into The Premium Branding Transformation
& Many More Success Stories!
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