Attention: Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset That You Can Never Get Back, So Stop Throwing It Away!
Below are the three exact steps our students followed to build incredible careers doing what they love (they built a repeatable process to acquire clients who pay them for the value they can provide)
Just So You Know That What We're About To Teach You Isn't A Bunch Of BS, Just Listen To What Our Students & High Level Clients Say About What We're Teaching You...
So yes, this actually works.
This Is What You Need To Do If You Want To Make This "Entrepreneurship" Thing Work...
This Is What You Need To Do If You Want To Make This "Entrepreneurship" Thing Work...
It's really not that complicated, so let's break everything down and make it as simple as possible.
Step 1: Create The Perfect Offer
If order for you to sell something online, people must want / need what you have to offer. So how do you figure out what people want / need that you can then offer to them? 

Simply fill out the information that goes into each of these circles and highlight the area that combines the industries that you know / enjoy with what the needs / desires are of the market that can be supported using the skills that you know / can learn (just because you may not have specific knowledge currently it doesn't mean you can go learn it today).

When we say the "perfect" offer, we just mean something that others truly need that you'd actually enjoy providing.
Step 2: Create A Client-Generating Machine
What good is it to have something incredible to offer people if you never actually get to offer it? And by "offer" it, we mean get paid for it .

You must have a system (client-generating machine) in place that educates people on the problem they have, informs them on how you are someone who can help them solve their problem, and converts them into a happy client who pays you to solve their problem. Simple.

The best way to do this is by leveraging online ads that direct traffic to a funnel. Business today is all about understanding the basic math behind your business and effectively (profitably) leveraging the right tools. 
Step 3: Distribute Your Energy Intentionally
Most entrepreneurs struggle at this stage, for they spend their time on the wrong things at the wrong time. 

In order to build a sustainable business that you can scale way past working with just a few clients, you need to be very intentional with where you put your energy towards.

Working "18 hour days" is not necessary, nor is sacrificing your happiness. We hate seeing entrepreneurs doing this, especially when they aren't even getting anywhere! (All they are doing it wasting time...) There must be a balance between working hard and working smart.
Not easy, but indeed simple. 
There's obviously more that goes into building a successful business, but in terms of getting paid to serve others by offering real value, these are the three things that have made an incredible difference in the lives and careers of our students. Because this process works so well, we want as many entrepreneurs to properly implement and follow it as possible...
So instead of continuously running in circles and wasting time and money on whatever you've been doing that clearly hasn't been working, we want to support you right now.
For Free.
Yes, you read that right. For free. We want to give you the support you need in order to properly get all the above dialed in so that you can make the progress you've been looking to make. 

But there's a catch: You must both guarantee that you'll take action on everything, as well as share your results in a video. If you can guarantee that you will take action of that then we will be more than happy to support you.
Why Are We Offering This To You?
It's simple: people hire us when they have a lot of business and need to implement systems to physically handle that much business, as well as physically scale to bigger numbers. 

(For example... If a fitness coach is on hour-long strategy sessions with 10 of their clients each and every day, they are likely pulling out their hair because they are working a lot of hours. Even though the demand for them is high and they are making a lot of money, time freedom is something the successful appreciate. Which is why busy and successful entrepreneurs come to us, they want us to help them implement systems and create delegation.)

That's our goal with you. Once you build up a solid clientele, there is a 1,000% you will hire us. Why wouldn't you? If you experienced what we could do for you for free, we know you will be foaming at the mouth to hire us to help you hit even bigger numbers. That right there is one hell of a smart strategy, isn't it? 😉
"But who will I actually be getting help from?"
Meet Forbes Featured Speaker & Business Consultant, Ken Conklin
Recognized by Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and featured in the same book as Richard Branson, Ken Conklin is a highly requested speaker who has shared the stage with many of today's thought leaders. He speaks on various business topics such as marketing, premium positioning, sales, and backend systems.

He's been internationally recognized by dozens of publications and magazines (recently on the cover of LBD mag) for helping build the brands for some of the biggest names in the influencer / entrepreneurial world (as well as creating the curriculum that he believes will soon become the one of most commonly used marketing trends of 2019). 

He became the marketing director of a multi-million dollar company at just the age of 19, and has experienced quite a bit of ups and downs in business that allows him to look at situations with many different angles (and fix problems before they actually occur). Ken prides himself on both the incredible success that his clients have achieved as well as the constant effort he gives to inspire the next generation to pursue the wonderful path of entrepreneurship. 
Learn from someone who has been internationally recognized 
Ken has worked with clients in over 20 different industries and was featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Future Sharks, the same book as Richard Branson, and various other publications.

Ken can walk you through every single move he made - click to click - to get good at his craft, become known as a true expert that's been recognized by major publications (which would allow people to know that you are the go-to person who can help them), and have a predictable process to take total strangers and convert them into happy clients. 
Learn how he leverages an online course to serve numerous clients at once
Ken's course offers training videos in beautiful 1080p HD, downloadable PDF files, scripts and templates for his students to learn everything he knows on a self-serve basis. He'll walk you through how to correctly create the most powerful tool your business could ever have. 
Learn from someone who is highly requested at events & masterminds
Ken regularly speaks live to audiences to teach his methods and strategies that range from topics on marketing, premium positioning, sales, and backend systems.

Not only can you ask whatever questions you like on business, you can also get some free advice and perspectives on how you yourself can get into the speaking space (if that's something that interests you).
Experience a strategy session that Ken normally charges a lot of money for
You won't be learning any "fluff" or simple information you can find online (certainly not for free). Get ready, for Ken is about to dive right into the nitty gritty and break down whatever the bottleneck is that is holding you back from accelerating to the level you wish to hit. Just be sure to have paper ready for writing on because Ken usually talks very fast... 
So what are you waiting for? Take advantage and go get some free support!
People just like you followed our process and experienced incredible growth and transformation. Now's your chance to experience the same.
Seriously, let's help you break the barriers down that are holding you back!
This certainly isn't for everyone, so it may not be for you. But... if what you are looking to achieve is to build a legit career around offering advice to others online and feel a sense of fulfillment from helping others, then we think having a free strategy session with us would be a very great use of your time. We look forward to supporting you on your journey! 🤙🏼
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